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ZOE 3pin helped by the smart ev

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This came in work today and I tried it in my zoe its the mennekes to 3pin smart ev charger. Im looking at buying it.
Wire Yellow Cable Technology Electrical connector


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I have not got it yet. I used it at work im asking them to get me one as well
I am interested, where can I get one, will buy it today
You can get it from Mercedes Milton Keynes they sell the smart EV and that's the cable they use i will know the price tonight when I head in to work
yeh, it does :(

@Eunicholas did this actually charge your ZOE or did you just plug it in to see if it fits? I'm really interested because the ZOE is rumoured to support Mode 1 charging but I've never seen that confirmed and would love to know for sure (and what charge rate it reports when using this cable).
Yes they let me try it and yes it started to charge my car
I did not have it on for long
I'm just hoping they don't come back with a really high price. I will plug it in tonight if they will let me again and take a pic.
OK... It's possible that the car detected the power but didn't actually charge. My advice is to make sure you can return the cable for a full refund because it may not work or even charge at such a low rate that it's useless.
I agree I will see if they let me plug it in for a little bit, the zoe dash bored will tell me how long it will take to charge, and I will let some one smart work the numbers lol. I just hope they still have it as it's a Customers smart car in for service it's there cable
Just been told £177.60p
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They have one in stock but it takes 3/5 days to get any more in
will they let you try it before you buy ?
Yer they told me it was ok to try it
Got in to work and the cable has gone back to the customer. They will not take one out of its box so I can plug it in for a little bit, they want me to buy it but there are no refunds on electrical goods, I really want it and it's a good price not to sure what to do.
I would suggest you reach out to the ZOE forums and find out if anyone is using a Mode 1 cable.

My guess is it dosen't work because if it did Renault would have provided one rather than the more expensive EVSE 'brick' with the new model.
but remember Renault like to rip you off lol
1 - 12 of 40 Posts
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