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ZOE 3pin helped by the smart ev

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This came in work today and I tried it in my zoe its the mennekes to 3pin smart ev charger. Im looking at buying it.
Wire Yellow Cable Technology Electrical connector


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This sounds worrying to me. Without a PWM module how do you know what current the on-board car charger will draw from the supply?

Drawing 16A on a 13A plug for long lengths of time does not sound like it would end well?

This lead does not sound a lot cheaper than a portable EVSE with a range of current settings.

They do a type 2 version of the one below.

Portable Mode 2 16A J1772 EVSE with 16A COMMANDO Plug
The gadget above can be set to 6A, 8A etc to 16A, so could be used with a 13A adapter on the right setting.

Any idea why a Zoe has a problem with this EVSE? Is the problem with the Zoe Q or the R version?
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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