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Apparently the first service involves changing the cabin air filter and an "A" service, which is:-
  • Check the levels, condition and sealing of the brake circuit
  • Check the exterior lighting and signals
  • Check the condition and sealing of the shock absorbers
  • Check condition and pressure of the tyres and road wheel security
  • Check the presents of the wheel valve caps
  • Check the wear of the brake discs and pads
  • Check the wiper blades and screen washer fluid level
  • Check the 12V battery with test tool
  • Check the computers with the diagnostic tool
  • Reinitialise the maintenance service display
  • Documentation and positioning of the maintenance label
Next year will be a "B" service which includes the above items and adds
  • Check the interior lighting
  • Anti-corrosion check
  • Check and lubricate the bonnet lock
  • Check the levels, condition and sealing of the coolant circuit
  • Check the condition and sealing of the gaiters, rubber mountings, ball joints and shock absorbers
  • Check the condition of the windscreen and door mirrors
  • Check the presence of the airbag and engine compartment labels
  • Check the operation of the instrument panel warning lights
"Central Habitation Unit"? Could be the hardware version of the pre-conditioning fix, I guess?
I always find these EV service regimes laughable. Pretty much ALL of the items listed above , an owner can do outside their own home. And I am pretty much sure on a busy day at the dealership hardly any of that lot will be done by the Renault technicians either. And we get to pay for the privilege!
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