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Hi everyone,

I have read a few posts on this forum over the last year or so but thought I would finally join and share my personal experience.

I have had a new Renault Zoe (not quite sure which one, didn't realise there were so many different ones until I setup this account) since March 2016 and while initially it was great, after about 8-9 months and 4500k miles it would only charge intermittently and would cut off during charging.
The overall range went down from around 112-115 miles (this is what the dash displayed, I never got anywhere near that even eco mode and driving gently) to under 60 miles fully charged. I put this down to the colder weather.
Eventually I got a red light on the dash, displaying 'Check Electric System'. The car still seemed to drive ok apart from losing the cruise control and speed limiter.
The dealer had my car for three weeks and told me they fitted a new charging unit and upgraded/updated the software.
The first time I tried to charge afterward I got the same message and occasionally 'Battery Charging Impossible' in red on the dash.
The car has now gone back in and while I have a courtesy car, I wonder if this is a common fault and if anyone knows if it is the charging unit or something else.

Apologies for the length of this post, I am typing on my phone and couldn't be bothered to go back and condense it!
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