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Hey everyone, I drove to a Renault dealership this morning to test my expanded cupholder design in a variety of Zoes. I'm happy to report it fits perfectly in every 22 kW and ZE40 I tried. In fact, the dealership representative mentioned the 2012-2018 Clios have the same cupholder design so I gave it a go and it fits in those too! I have decided to offer them at a price point of £30+shipping, which I believe is a reasonable amount for a quality-of-life item such as this. I can do them in black (pictured below) or a medium grey at that price, or I can do a variety of other colours if requested for an extra £5. To start I am offering three designs at the £30 price - a 70 mm cup design with a round tray, a 77 mm cup design with a square tray, and a 77 mm cup design with slots for charging cards (such as the Polar Card) and a few pound coins. I can also do a custom design of your choice for an additional £5. Let me know if you are interested! And if you know anyone with a '12-'18 Clio, feel free to let them know too!

IMG_20200911_073002237.jpg IMG_20200911_175801555.jpg


Standard_Tray.PNG Standard_Slots.PNG 70mm_Round_Tray.PNG
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