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Hello everyone,

I tried to charge my Zoe(2019) in a ABB Charger and the electric grid at the charger is 127 Vac L1 and 220Vac (L1-L2). The ZOE is not charging in this charger. I understood the reason to not charge is because the 220Vac dual phase (L1-L2).

I would like to know if someone had the same issue and if it is possible to change some parameter and be possible to charge in dual phase 220Vac?

I'm trying to talk with Renault Engineering but it's not that easy.

If someone could help me I will appreciate.


Guilherme Monteiro

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It is not possible to charge a ZOE on a "floating" or midpoint earthed grid. N and PE must be tied (TT or better TN grid type).

There is a trick to do it. A friend of mine wired a cable when he went up the the Nordkapp (Norway). Quite a few floating networks high up there it seems. One little problem: you'd have to fence off the car if you get my drift :-o :-o Not very advisable is an understatement! I don't think he used it on his trip
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