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Update: my Zoe is in at the dealer next week to have a new telematics unit fitted as it is apparently at fault.
I had a fault with my telematics unit a couple of months ago. It stopped talking to Renault computers etc so I couldn't do delayed overnight charging and the phone app only gave me data from the time that the unit had died.

I took the car in to my local dealer, told them what I thought was wrong. The same day they called back to say I was right, new part ordered (5 day delivery), then a day to fit. I left the car with them since I had a holiday to go on.

Got home a 2 weeks later and all done. The only inconvenience was that I'd lost all my stored destinations on R-Link, as they'd helpfully updated all the software and firmware too.
My experience of Renault dealers so far is no different to any other dealer. In fact, maybe, just maybe. No, I won't tempt fate
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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