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My Renault Dealer wanted to know whenever I got my wallbox charger installed-mine was the first they sold..rang to let them know,and asked was there anything software related that needed an upgrade or was available..
Then Spent a while today on the "Live Services" chat on the Renault UK site asking about anything they can do to get the twitter and email functionality up and running..I'm getting "Connected services not available in your country" errors among others..And I asked about TomTom's inability to recognise charging stations near my current location..it IS a feature on R-Link that would be handy in a new area..up til now,it can recognise stations I've used (some of them,anyway..)and they gave me an 0845 number as the dedicated Renault/Tomtom support line..I dialed,there was no ring tone,just silence,then after about 30 seconds I was disconnected! wat?!
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