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Recently my Zoe would not charge. It was recovered by Renault. The garage said
"we require to carry out software updates on the following computer modules on the Renault Zoe in an attempt to rectify the charging issue. As mentioned earlier we cannot say for definite that this will solve this issue but it needs to be done first in order for accurate fault tracing. The computer modules requiring software updates are as follows: EVC, BCB, BMS, BMS Safety Power Train. Total cost £420.00 inc vat"

I felt powerless to do anything but pay.

The issue was fixed by the software updates. No further work was required.

I can't help feeling I was ripped off. I've written to RCI and to Renault in an attempt to hold them responsible for the software but no luck yet.

Has anyone had a similar problem?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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