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Had the car 2 days and am happy. I was originally scheduled to get a Leaf but the leasing company messed me about a bit, so I ended up going for a Zoe after a re-think. Already glad to have the extra range!

Anyway, I've got 3 questions:

Every time I turn the car on the media screen comes up with a message saying ''remove metal from the charging plate to allow charging'' (or something similar)....I have to OK the message to get rid of it each time. Now, I'm guessing the charging plate is the wireless charging thing for mobiles? Anyway, it has no metal on it...in fact there's nothing on it or near it! Ideas?

Next thing, I've paired my phone via bluetooth and the Mrs' i-phone has Apple car-play up and running no problem....but I cannot turn 'data-sharing' on in the options, it's just kind of blanked out. Does this mean I need to arrange for a dealer to turn this on?....I'm guessing it's via data-sharing that I can get the My Renault app working for pre-conditioning, etc? If it's the case that I need to get a dealer to turn this on, I presume in the first instance I would contact the leasing company? (I have not leased a car before!)

Finally, when charging, can you have the heater on, etc, inside the car? Can't see any way of doing this.

An aside: Plugged it into a Chargeplace Scotland chargepoint in a village local to me this afternoon when a lady came over to ask my general opinion on ev's and the Zoe in particular (she is considering getting one). So I gave her my totally inexpert 48 hour review!
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