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Optimised battery use setting in app

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Does anyone know what the "optimised battery use" setting does in the app?

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I tried the "optimized battery" in my ID3 yesterday and charged the car last night to 80% and it is now showing only 103 miles of range. Something isn't right here. What a surprise! Without this set, I was getting around 170 miles in this weather. And now it won't turn off.
You referring to the app? If so that's hardly ever right and can be ignored.
Yes, the app. Contrary to most other's experience with the app, it was generally fine for me until they replaced the battery and updated the software to 2.4.
Just gone out to the car and the available mileage is showing as 165, and then the app synchronised. So yes, the app, for me, is not as good as it was. That's VW progress I suppose.
Never had this problem with my app (on a Google pixel phone). It works well 😮
Range always matches what the car says. It was a bit flaky when I first got the car but since a spate of app updates in spring/summer it has worked reliably, and the extra functions with 3.0 OTA all work well. The only ongoing problem is that the function to send a location to the car is still too slow to be useful.
Ok. So my app is on an iPhone.
Interesting you mention extra functions with 3.0. Such as? Or maybe again the IOS app isn't as good.
Car location in the map (when parked).
Car locked/unlocked status and window/door open indication on the main page.
Thanks. The only change I can see on the IOS app is a lock symbol:
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Land vehicle Car

Not sure I know what it does yet, but if it's supposed to show if the car is locked, it's wrong.
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Even on iOS, folks seem to have different things going on in the same app.

My app doesn’t have the padlock at all? 🤔

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So if you had to choose to keep only one of your EVs, would it be the ID4 or the M3?
That’s not as easy a question to answer as it might appear, but honestly if you told me I had to keep just one, I’d be happy with either.

I know that might sound like I’m at risk of getting splinters on my derrière, but both have genuine pros and cons.

To the Tesla I’d give;

Software and App (although it’s not perfect) they seem to operate a roll out and ‘fix fast’ software model, the polar opposite of VW.

Performance (the M3 LR anyway, the GTX isn’t far behind an SR+ in the real world).

Efficiency, it is better than the GTX, but not a surprise given the shapes.

It’s still a car I drive just for the pleasure of driving, it does make me smile even though I don’t usually drive quickly.

To the ID.4 I’d give it;

Interior space and practicality, it’s noticeably more roomy, particularly head room, again not surprising given the shapes.

Ride and comfort, the Tesla is crashy and harsh in comparison, excellent on smooth tarmac though.

The main screen and steering wheel binnacle is much more readable for myself who needs reading glasses.

Build quality, living with both through the recent prolonged sub zero temps showed VW have put more thought into how a car works in such conditions. Nothing froze shut, including doors and charge flap. The cabin is also noticeable quieter and rattle free versus the Tesla.

We always thought that the SuC network would be a massive plus for the Tesla over the VW, but we just don’t seem to travel to places where they’re any more handy than other networks, but it is a seamless experience mostly.

As ever then, it’s swings and roundabouts, but we’re lucky to have both cars, and appreciate them both for what they can do.
Thanks for sharing that. The reason I brought it up is because I seem to be spending too much time at the VW dealers, having something updated or fixed, and had a thought about moving to Tesla. My main issue with the Tesla M3 is, as you said, the ride quality. We live out in the sticks with not very good road surfaces and I wonder if it would just wind me up. On the other hand the Tesla software seems to be on another level to the VW effort. There's no doubt though that VW know how to build the actual car properly.
“ Funny how we have got from the specific meaning of an option in a VW app to the pros and cons of Teslas.”
Not funny really. That was my fault. Apologies for highjacking the thread.
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