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Citroen C-Zero battery range & OBDLink

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My C-Zero was purchased new in 2018 and I’ve had no problems except the range when fully charged has never gone above 64 miles which seems a little low to me even though I realise the figure shown is only a “guesstimate”. Citroen claim 93 miles but elsewhere I have seen 80 miles as a real world range.

I am due for my 12 month first service soon, so was thinking of asking Citroen to look at battery but as I don’t really trust them I wanted to use Canion to check the battery myself. However I am confused as to what OBDLink to get - there appear to be an LX, MX and an MX+. What’s the difference and will they all work with the C-Zero and Canion app?
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I have an obd link lx and it works fine for me on android

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