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Hyundai Kona 64KWh Premium SE, Kia E Niro first edition, Vauxhall e-Corsa se nav (on order)
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We’ve had ours since June. Enjoying it. Much quieter than my Kona Electric and maybe even my wife’s e-Niro. I do not like the fact that there is no way to show battery % when the car is not plugged in and the fact that the GOM is all over the place. It goes down 7 miles at a time or not at all for miles on end. Needs an upgrade badly. The Kona and Niro have rock solid and accurate range indicators. How hard can it be?
Realistic e-Corsa range probably 110-120 motorway/fast A road. 150 or so town at this time of the year. It’s perfectly adequate and much better than our old Leaf 30kwh, which struggled to do 85 miles on motorways and fast A roads, though not a patch on the Kona or Niro which will always be good for 250 miles and never go below 200 even on the motorway in the dead of winter with full heating, etc.
Haven’t tried remote heating etc yet though the app now recognises the car. To start, the Corsa needs a solid 2 second or so press of the button rather than the quick stab other EV’s need. Tried to move off a couple of times only to find I haven’t started the car.
Early days yet but no issues at all and no squeaks or rattles. Long may it continue.
My kids who have been used to driving a Seat Mii think it is from another planet it is so much smoother and quieter and easy to drive. They’re all queuing up to use it whenever they can. The mileage is going through the roof!
Can only thoroughly recommend the car based on our first couple of months of ownership.
Finally, it deserves its own thread here on this forum as it’s likely to end up as one of the best selling EV’s in the country though I appreciate it is getting more cluttered here all the time with the vast number of new EV’s starting to emerge.
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